Compatibility of the web app on main browsers and operating systems.

Laptop / DesktopCellphone
ChromeSafariSafari iOSChrome Android
Base Functionality101+ ✔15.4+ ✔15.4+ ✔101+ ✔
Desktop Icon*---
Homescreen Icon**--
Push Notifications ***--

For Android Laptops, Desktops and Cellphones, Chrome is the only browser that supports all Langlo features.
On iPhones, you need to use Safari 15.4+ or higher.

iOS Chrome operates like Safari, with a few limitations, such as adding apps or sites to the homescreen.

* On your Laptop/Desktop, using Chrome, you can install the app as if it were a desktop app to stop having to use the browser.

* Chrome allows you to install the app as if it were native.
** Safari allows you to add the app icon to your homescreen so that it operates almost like a native app.
*** Push notifications are not available on iOS.

*** Safari iOS does not allow push notifications for web apps.

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